Interested in getting connected with a C-Group?  Below is a description of each of the C-Groups for this year.  Please read through each description and decide which C-Group fits best for you.

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Tyler / Seiler Group
Leaders: Steve & Carol Tyler, Dave & Anita Seiler
When: Sunday evenings, 2x a month. 6:30-8pm

Content: This group will focus on sermon based discussions, but will explore additional topics with the group once gatherings begin.

Ryan / Larson Group
Leaders: Dan Ryan, Bethany & Jonathan Larson
When: Every Wednesday, 6 – 7:30pm

Content: This group will anchor around a shared journey through scripture. This will include daily scripture readings and an online forum for sharing thoughts and questions. Group gatherings will include a time of communal prayer and discussion / study of scripture. The group will also try some ancient traditions (like Seder meals during Lent). Any adult is welcome.

Larson / Decker C-Group
Leaders: Karen Decker; Tim & Debra Larson
When: Tuesdays, 6:30pm. Pot luck dinner each week.

Content: The group will start the fall with sermon based discussions. Future plans include reading and discussing a book together.

Cook C-Group
Leaders: Tony & Christy Cook
When: Fridays 6:30pm, 2x a month. Snacks / drinks served!

Content: TBD, likely a bible study, book study, or sermon based discussion. Adults only, please.

Women’s Bible Study
Leader: Carol Thomas
When: Wednesday mornings, 9:30-11am at the YCMA Chapel.

Content: This fall the group will discuss Uninvited by Lisa Terkeurst. The subtitle is Living Loved When You Feel Less than, Left out and Lonely. Childcare is available at the YMCA for mom’s who are YMCA members.

Culp Group
Leaders: Alli & Will Culp
When: Twice a month, usually on weekends.

Content: We are calling this a “Family Meet-up Group.” Based on the idea that life is better when we live it together, the Family Meet-Up group will meet at community-based activities where the kids can play while the grown-ups connect. Ideas include but aren’t limited to Curtis Orchard, public library events, Krannert family concerts, ice skating, etc. Schedule will be flexible. Ideas are welcomed!

Hobbs Group
Leaders: Abby & Paul Hobbs
When: Wednesdays at 6pm; 2x a month. (Includes dinner).

Women meet separately on the alternating Wednesdays in the afternoon.

Content: Full gatherings will focus on sermon based discussion. The women’s gatherings will focus on reading & discussing a book. Adults only, please.

Alburez Young Adult Group
Leaders: Cesar & Gaby Alburez
When: Wednesday evenings, 6pm

Content: This C-Group target group is young families or couples, kids are welcome. This group will focus on digging deeper into the Sunday morning sermons with additional study opportunities to be determined by the group.

Theology Pub (Adult Bible Study)
Leader: Scott Keeble
When: Tuesday nights, 7pm at church office. BYOB – literally.

Content: This Bible Study will be digging through the Gospel of John looking for 2 things: theological understanding and thoughtful life application. The group will include some homework. And following the example of such theologians as Martin Luther, C.S. Lewis, and Karl Barth, you’re invited to bring a bit of beer with our Bible!

Open Door Prayer Group
Leader: Scott Keeble
When: Tuesday mornings, 8am at the Church office. Coffee is always served!

Content: The first half of the prayer time includes sharing requests we know about from the community, our church, and our own individual lives. The second half hour we pray together over those concerns. We would love to have you join our team of pray-ers. Or, if you ever feel the need for prayer, drop by any time. We would be honored to pray directly with you or for you.