Annual Meeting 2017

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Every year we devote one Sunday to our annual meeting. This is a required meeting of our denomination. We review the finances of the past year, approve the terms of call for our pastor, and … Read More

Raise Up New Leaders

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I’m sure you guys all know our vision statement by heart.  Right?  (if not – go look it up here) But you probably didn’t know we have a Leadership Core Value also.  It goes like … Read More

Into The Wind

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A couple of weeks ago, Chip and I went for one of our summer bike ride adventures.  We really enjoy these rides together as they are a great way to get some exercise and have … Read More

All the Poor and Powerless

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There’s something that has been heavy on my heart lately.  I think the best word for what I’m feeling is conviction.  In other words, I’ve got this sneaky feeling that God is trying to help … Read More

The Widow’s Mite

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Jesus tells us over and over and over that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. But I don’t think our puny human brains actually get it. These past couple of … Read More

Your Best Years

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Several years ago in a church staff meeting the pastor asked our staff a question. It was right in the midst of a fairly stressful time and a most of us were struggling with the … Read More

Rest. Recharge. Repeat

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I was listening to a Donald Miller podcast a couple of weeks ago (author of Blue Like Jazz, Scary Close, etc…) and he was talking about their work culture at his StoryBrand company. He mentioned … Read More