Custodian Job Description - Copper Creek Presbyterian Church

Hours:  20-25 hours/week
Pay rate:  $15 an hour
Direct Supervisor:  Office Manager

Position Overview:

At Copper Creek Church, we are looking for a proactive, efficient Church Custodian who possesses an understanding of proper cleaning methods and a respect for the religious and cultural beliefs of others. The Church Custodian will ensure that all publicly accessible areas of the church are clean and ready for other staff members and the congregation to use. This position will make minor repairs, change light bulbs, vacuum, sweep, and scrub floors, sanitize surfaces, and restock items, such as toilet paper, paper towels, and other supplies. The Church Custodian will also maintain supply inventory, submit purchase requests, and assist with preparations for events, such as weddings or funerals.

To be a successful Church Custodian, you should be observant, respectful, motivated, and committed to providing church members, visitors, and staff with a clean, orderly place to worship and congregate. The Church Custodian should also be knowledgeable about proper chemical handling and cleaning techniques and have the ability to make basic repairs, including plumbing and electrical work.

Position Responsibilities:

  • In conversation with staff and Building and Grounds Committee, develop a cleaning and maintenance schedule for the upkeep of the facility.
  • Maintain clean church facilities by performing weekly duties and daily spot cleaning in all public areas of the building.
  • Ensure that all areas are cleaned and stocked with necessary items.
  • Observing proper chemical handling procedures when working with cleaning agents, including wearing gloves, goggles, or masks and following written or verbal instructions.
  • Perform basic maintenance, such as changing light bulbs and restocking bathrooms, and making repairs.
  • Assist with event preparations and clean up.
  • Take inventory of cleaning supplies and submitting requests when items need to be replenished.
  •  Interacting with church staff and visitors in a positive manner.
  •  Other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Custodial experience or training strongly preferred
  • Understanding of cleaning techniques and safety procedures
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
  • Must pass a background check and pre-employment drug screening
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility to adjust their schedule to suit the needs of the church
  • Motivation to work independently or with others to provide thorough, efficient custodial services to the church

Additional Information:

  • CCC is opening a new building in 2020 and as such, this job description will evolve as needs and responsibilities become apparent as we settle into the new facility.
  • This is a 25 hour per week job.  We anticipate 20 hours a week will be regularly scheduled and the same every week.  The remaining 5 hours a week will be scheduled around special events or other variances to the normal schedule.  The office manager will coordinate with custodian regarding scheduling.
  • Weddings.  Anyone wishing to be married at CCC is required to pay for custodial services.  Since weddings will nearly always happen on Fridays or Saturdays, custodial support will be needed in the evenings on those weekends.  This is not a part of the 25 hour a week terms of employment.  Custodian will be paid a flat rate of $150 (minus taxes) for wedding services.
  • Other duties as assigned:  All church staff are expected to be available to assist with various functions within the larger life of the church.  We are a family and we help each other out.  Among the potential other duties that may be assigned, custodian may be asked at times to assist in the cafe, or to provide security & supervision in the lobby.

Church Vision

Our vision is to create environments where people are inspired to pursue Deep Faith, Deep Relationships, and Deep Impact. Our church exists to be a home for those who have given up on church. We work really hard to create a space that provides welcome to the spiritual wanderer and healing for those who have been hurt by the church.  To put it simply - every single person is completely welcome here.  Marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, racial heritage, none of those things are barriers to full inclusion and participation in every aspect of the life of the church - from worship to weddings to leadership.  All staff members of Copper Creek Church are expected to live out that kind of genuine and holistic welcome in every aspect of ministry. Copper Creek is a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination.

To apply, please click/press here to submit your cover letter and resume. We're looking forward to hearing from you!