Sundays @ The YMCA
10 A.M.


Here’s the thing: We don’t want something from you. We want something FOR you. Our goal is to be a safe place for you to discover the incredible, unconditional love of God. We want you to feel completely welcomed just as you are. We want you to have fun with us. We want you to have a place to bring your doubts and questions, because we’ve got them too. Maybe most of all, we want you to discover that you are changing and growing with us – becoming more and more the person God made you to be. We want all of that FOR you!


  • Come as you are: Jeans? flip flops? t-shirt? Yep – and that’s just our pastor.
  • A warm welcome: The first thing you’ll see is a friendly face to greet you. The next thing you’ll notice is the coffee. And you can take it with you into the service.
  • Great music: Our band plays a mix of old hymns and new hits, all with a contemporary rock sound.
  • Kids are valued: When you walk in, our Children’s Ministry staff will be there to check your kids in. We have all the kids stay with their parents for the first 20 minutes of our service. We don’t mind at all if they make a little noise or even need to dance in the aisles. After a short children’s message, all the kids (5th grade and under) head out to Sunday School with our all star team of staff and volunteers. You do have to go pick them up before you leave!
  • Nursery (for kids up to 2 years) is available anytime during the service!
2501 Fields S. Drive
Champaign, IL

One of our core values is “Nobody is a Stranger.” The primary way that we live that out is through our Community Groups. Our goal is to have everyone be part of one of these C-Groups. Groups meet regularly and every group is always open to new members. We’d love to help you find a group that fits your schedule!