Thanks for your interest in job opportunities at Copper Creek Church.  CCC is a great place to work!  Our team works hard together, has a lot of fun together, and takes care of each other. CCC is also a great community of people chasing after Jesus together.  We're committed to being a church for people that have given up on church.  We work hard to make our church a safe place for all kinds of people to reconnect with Jesus. If that sounds like the kind of culture you want to help build, then read on!

Our staff culture is modern yet relationally focused. This means that we utilize the expected communication and productivity tools like GSuite, Slack, Zoom, Planning Center, and several other specific software applications for media and print. We also support multiple computer platforms with Mac, ChromeOS, and Windows 10. We are remote/cloud friendly and while some positions require significantly more in-office time than others, we do our best to support working from anywhere when applicable.

Our staff culture also prioritizes community. Staff meetings include check-ins, community building aspects, and space to add your unique perspectives and giftings. We laugh (A LOT), but also deeply value productivity and excellence. If you're looking for only a clock-in/clock-out workplace, we likely won't be the right fit for you. But if you're looking for a work environment in which you can develop relationships and grow your own skills, then you might be an excellent fit for our culture.

Current job opportunities are listed below. If one of these positions sounds like a great fit for your skills and interests, we encourage you to apply!