Message: “Belonging to God” from Scott Keeble


Scott Keeble - November 19, 2017

Learning How to Make Space

Space For God

As Copper Creek concludes its "Space for God" message series, Pastor Scott challenges us to look for God - to find those spaces in which we experience Him more fully.

From Series: "Space For God"

Life is hectic, to put it mildly. It’s hard to create much space for God. Truthfully, we are often so busy and so stressed that its hard to believe God is there at all. As we slog our way through day after day, it feels like we’ve only got time for the things that really matter. And it just seems like God doesn’t. Because somehow, we simply don’t seem to run into Jesus in our crazy, stressed out lives. This message series is all about one thing: Making Space for God. This is Scott’s “sabbatical series.” He will be talking about the profound ways his faith changed and grew during his sabbatical time in Africa - a time when he really had no choice but to make space for God.

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