Message: “Upside Down Kingdom” from Scott Keeble


Scott Keeble - December 1, 2019

Upside Down Kingdom

Upside Down Christmas

Jesus talks a lot about the Kingdom of God. In fact, in the Gospels, it's what He talks about the most. But, the Kingdom of God often works differently than what we might expect. Listen in as Pastor Scott shares about the upside-down nature of the Kingdom of God.

From Series: "Upside Down Christmas"

So much about Christmas can be a bit predictable. We know the songs, we know the Aunt who is always going to buy us socks, and even our favorite Christmas movies often have a predictable ending. But so much about the very first Christmas was completely unexpected - upside down from what anyone would expect. Join Copper Creek on our Advent Series and discover how the upside-down reality of the very first Christmas can change how we view Christmas today.

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