Marcy Zora

Marcy shares her story of how the Lord used the pain in her foot to bring her closer to Him. Click the player below to listen:

Abby Hobbs

Abby Hobbs shares her story of letting God take control. Click below to listen:

Mike Martin

Mike Martin shares a portion of his story. Click below to listen:

Marty and Melody Kane

Marty and Melody Kane share their story and also told about their experiences living in Malawi from June to December 2011. Click below to listen:

Pam Scott

Pam Scott shares her story of finding hope in God. Her moving testimony took the place of the regular sermon. Click below to listen:

Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan shares a story of God sending him on a challenging summer trip through Africa. Click below to listen:

Michael and Miranda Hoke

Michael and Miranda share their story of the supportive community at Copper Creek. Click below to listen: