Our Vision
…to be a HOME for those who have given up on church.

If you aren’t sure what you think of this whole church thing, if you’ve had a bad experience in the church, if you walked away from church with a bad taste in your mouth… you are our kind of people! We get it. And we are committed to being a different kind of church. That’s why we think you’ll feel it when you walk in the door. We mean it when we say, “Welcome home!”

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Foundational Beliefs

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus frees us from our sins and gives us the gracious gift of new life that never ends. Jesus invites each person into a relationship of trust and devotion in which we learn to joyfully submit to his Lordship. Through our relationship with Jesus we learn how to live into the new and abundant life that is ours in Christ.

Our church is a community of people chasing after Jesus, all at different places in our journey. As a community of faith, we are committed to sharing all aspects of life together and helping each other become the people God intends us to be. We believe that we are called to demonstrate the good news of Jesus Christ, inviting others to experience Jesus through the way we love God and the way we love our neighbors.

Salvation is the free, undeserved gift of God given to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ. Because Jesus is Lord, salvation involves submitting to his lead in all areas of life and trusting that the Holy Spirit is renewing us each day. Because Jesus is Savior, his death and resurrection accomplish forgiveness of our sins and the promise of eternal life. Salvation is found in Christ alone.

Every follower of Christ is called to serve. It is the natural response of gratitude for the love and grace we have received from God. We serve one another within the faith community by helping to build one another up in the faith. We serve our neighbor by getting to know the outcast, helping to heal the broken and providing for the needy. We strive to make serving a part of our daily lives as believers and our life together as a church.

Evangelism is simply inviting people who are disconnected from Jesus to come and discover how much Jesus loves them. Evangelism can perhaps be understood as “show and tell.” We show people what Jesus is like through the way that our lives reflect God’s love, and we tell people about the hope we have found in Jesus. But evangelism goes a step further too. It includes walking with people along the journey of discipleship. A commitment to evangelism means that we make disciples who make disciples.

Discipleship is the journey of growing in Christ. Disciples develop regular habits that allow them to grow closer to Christ. They daily choose to join Christ in his redemptive mission. The journey of discipleship is experienced in covenant relationship with other followers of Christ.