Your Best Years

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Several years ago in a church staff meeting the pastor asked our staff a question. It was right in the midst of a fairly stressful time and a most of us were struggling with the pressures and demands of ministry. He stopped the meeting, looked at each one of us, and asked: “Do you still believe your best years of ministry are in front you?” Good question.

I thought of that question Monday morning as I sat in the ceremony promoting my son from middle school to high school. Some of you can relate in a much bigger way as you’re watching seniors move on to the next big chapter of college (It really does fly by, doesn’t it?). In a slight moment of nostalgia, I thought of my own senior graduation and all of the hopes and dreams encased in that experience, looking ahead to the unknown with a wide breadth of fear and excitement.

Fast forward a few years though, and a lot of us can be prone to looking backwards instead of forward. We can get stuck thinking about places of failures, unrealized dreams, and missed opportunities. You may even find yourself thinking, “Oh to be eighteen again…”

If that picture rings true for you, in any fashion, then be encouraged with this thought: God STILL desires to use you. It doesn’t matter if your 18 or 80. There are people to encourage, opportunities to serve, and lives to be changed. It’s a pretty unbelievable reality that this amazing God of ours uses us for these purposes. So, wherever you may be, I hope you’ll be encouraged in knowing that while you may not have as many years before you – they can still be your “best years” because of the God who STILL does more than we can ask or imagine.

Dave Plemons
Executive Director/Family Ministry Coordinator

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